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What client's are saying...

"The Dream Builder experience is all about making your dreams a reality, and giving you the courage to pursue them. This invaluable program not only showed me that it's possible, but allowed me to start creating a life I've always wanted! Geoff is a master Life Coach whose expertise carefully and respectfully guides and supports you through this process. Thank you Geoff for giving me confidence and showing me the way."
 ~ Dave C. Victoria B.C.

"This Dream Builder Program is changing the trajectory of my life! You are guiding me to my life's dreams!  Geoff, thank you a thousand times!"
 ~ Patricia L. Vancouver B.C.

"With the contents of the Dream Builder Program, and with Geoff's inspirational coaching style, he brings perspective, professionalism and purpose to the concepts presented in this course. My future will be stronger, more directed, and filled with opportunities(as a result of) the crystal clear process and amazing tools that have been provided in this course."
 ~ Richard H. Victoria B.C.

"After taking the Dream Builder course, I am very aware of the growth in me. I have learned that the power to change is withi"n me. I feel more centered. I am so proud of how much I've grown from this course."
 ~ Joyce P. Fergus Ont.

"I decided to enrol in the Dream Builder Course at a very difficult time in my life, and it proved to be amazing learning and growth for me! I learned that it is not just time that heals all wounds, but different thinking too is very important in the healing process. Also the guidance, and support of a good coach is vital as well. I learned that I am stronger than, and can rise above, anything bad that has happened to me. And that a positive attitude is a choice, that is helping me spark a great life! Thanks so much Dr. Pratt!"

~ Tasha R. Campbell River B.C.

"I decided to embark on my Dream Builder journey with Geoff because I found myself completely stuck in my life. I was living my life in my old habits. Doing the same things over and over again. I realized, within a few weeks of starting the Dream Builder journey, that it was my thoughts that were controlling my life, and that by understanding my mind, I could create different results. After completing the Dream Builder course with Geoff I experienced a new spark in my life, one I had not felt for a long time.I have stillness and peace now and most importantly a knowing that my life is back on track. Now I am taking Life Mastery with Geoff, and I am loving it! what I am learning has opened me up to so many possibilities, but mostly I have an inner knowing that will be with me the rest of my life. Thank you Geoff  for all your wisdom and support!"

                                           ~ Fiona D. Vancuver B.C.                        

"Before starting the Dream Builder course I was frustrated and lost, not knowing what I wanted to do. I was then a 3rd year student at the University of Arizona. I applied to the Eller School of Management, a program very difficult to be accepted into. With the week to week conversations with my mentor, Geoff, I pictured myself being accepted. I  was successful! A major step forward in my life! This course taught me to build the goals I want to achieve.  The step by step process let me see myself achieving my goals, and it has given me a very different and valuable perspctive on life. My awareness is much different after taking the Dream Builder course.

                                       ~ Robbie W. Tucson Arizona  

   "When I was a little girl, I wanted to be a wise woman. A strange wish for a little girl. I know, but that dream was strong. As I grew, life handed me some wonderful gifts. Life also handed me some challenges that eventually paralyzed me with fear.The dream of wisdom became a dying ember. Little did I know that when you pray for wisdom, life hands you learning opportunities in the form of challenges. I didn't know how to rediscover the dream.

A dear friend gave me the gift of an introduction to Geoff's work in Life Mastery. Geoff heard me and taught me to rediscover my vision, to come out from my hiding place and be the Wise Woman I had dreamed of as a girl. He listened to me and he taught me how to reframe my fears and gain Mastery over them. At this stage of my life when most people are retiring, I have a new beginning and a life I love! Laughter, love and wisdom are the gifts I share. The course in Life Mastery was an invaluable investment investment in myself, and a gift that impacts the people in my life."

                               ~ Pat Vancouver B.C.