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Your Creative Imagination: Is it sleeping?

I was shocked when my mentor said to me, “Get out of your competitive mind and into your creative mind.”

I thought, “what”! I’ve been in competitive sport my whole life!

My mentor could see, but I couldn’t, that my imagination had become dormant.

Fortunately, it was not dead. It was still there.

Great leaders, said Napoleon Hill, have become so because they developed their creative imagination. They think solutions rather than obstacles.

And creative imagination is stimulated by a strong desire.

When coaching 11 and 12 yr. olds in Little League Baseball, before games, I would have them sit on the outfield grass, close their eyes, and see themselves hitting in the winning run, pitching a key strikeout, or making the game ending play on a ground ball. And capture the feeling in that moment of success.

We use visioning(creative imagination) in sport all the time.
But not so much in everyday life. As adults we let it snooze.

Take time to dream. Ask “What would I love?” If there were no barriers, what would it look like?

I had forgotten to use this amazing faculty, and was inspired by my mentor.

It may have happened to you too. And I am reminded that there is a gap between knowing it, and doing something about it.

For a better look through the window of imagination and how you can use it…
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Recently, 20 years later, one of those young ball players said to me. “Thanks for teaching it to us, I use visioning in my life all the time!”


Here’s to your success!

Geoff Pratt

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