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What is your 6th Sense?

Napoleon Hill in doing research for his famous book ‘Think and Grow Rich’
said that all the great leaders he studied, developed, and made use of, their
6th Sense. And he reported that developing it involves meditation, self examination and serious thought.

We all have a built in 6th Sense available to us, some of us develop it, and many of us do not.

Hill calls it your 6th Sense, Mary Morrissey calls it your Non Linear Guidance System. Mahatma Ghandi calls it the Voice of Truth, and he says it speaks to us every day. And it is as loud as your willingness to listen.

Your 6th Sense is said to be the part of your subconscious mind that has been described as the ‘creative imagination.’ And this creative imagination is the receiving set for vibrations from the ether. This receiver accepts thoughts, plans, and ideas, that come to us as hunches, inspirations, dreams and flashes. You’ve had them, we’ve all had them. You can learn to tap into these incites routinely.

“What can I do to develop my 6th Sense?” You ask.

One way is to find a quiet space where you won’t be disturbed. Bring a paper and pen.  Ask a question that is important to you, and write it at the top of your page.

Then write every thought that comes to you until that page is full, or almost full.
As you read them, some will surprise you, some will inspire you enough to take action.

With practice it will get easier!

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Here’s to your success!

Geoff Pratt

Life Mastery Consultant
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