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What do you do with an idea?

I was given a book by a dear friend recently, and I am so grateful for this gift!

The author, Kobi Yamada entitled his book ‘What Do You Do With An Idea?’

Kobi’s story is about a young boy who has an idea. “What do I do with it?” he thought.

At first he didn’t know so he simply acted like the idea didn’t belong to him. But it followed him like a puppy dog. The boy was worried what others might think of his idea,
So he kept it to himself.

But he felt great energy when he thought of his idea, so he nurtured it like a young seedling in soil. And the little boy and his idea grew closer and closer.

Sure enough, others who learned of his idea, laughed at it and said it wouldn’t
amount to anything. And the boy became discouraged.

But soon he decided not to listen to what the others were saying. He grew to love his idea. He gave it food and time and attention. His idea grew strong and he realized he couldn’t imagine his life without it, for even a single day.

Then one day his idea took a deep breath and burst into the sky. It was there for everyone, not just him.

And the little boy realized ‘What You Do With An Idea’ is…

You change the world!

Here’s to your success!

Geoff Pratt

Life Mastery Consultant
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