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The Power of Mastermind

A valued mentor to me once said “All of us are smarter than any of us.”

As a young Doc, he urged me to consider gathering a Board of Advisors to help me Build and administer my brand new dental practice.

He suggested to search for, and invite people very successful in their field.

So I put a list of prospects together, rather quickly. Then I waited. And I waited.

Three months, turned into six months. You see, I was reluctant to make the calls, because I was afraid. Afraid they would say “no.”

When I finally  generated the courage to call, I was elated to have every advisor accept my invitation!

At their suggestion we met frequently, to gain traction.  It was then I realized the power of having everyone in the same room, in service of a common goal. There was a real synergy.

Several advisors brought their own notebooks. They said to me, “We get as much from this as you do.”

This process vastly accelerated my growth, and the growth of my practice.

I am so grateful for their compassion for a young rookie. And also for their generosity, for gifts of their time and expertise!

This memory is a major reason why today, I take great pleasure in helping others
when an opportunity arises.

If you’d love to accelerate your results with some personal coaching… GO HERE.

Here’s to your success!

Geoff Pratt

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