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Talk Is Cheap

You know that people are always willing to give you their opinions. Don’t you?

How do you receive them? Do they propel you forward? Or do they hold you back?

If you are like me, for many years they held me back!

My personality was to please others.  And  I placed far too much stock in other
peoples opinions. It took me many decades to realize that when I did that, I was living other people’s lives… but not mine!

I liken it to living like you’re driving a bumper car at the amusement park. You hit something and go in a different direction, hit someone and again go in a new direction, again and again.

How can you avoid making the same mistake I did?

This life is short. It goes very quickly. Spend more time and energy on what you
would like to do, to be or have.

1) Think of what you would love to do, do be or to have.
2) Know clearly what that would look like.
3) Focus on that, and begin to eliminate things that do not align
with what you desire.

It was Stephen Covey who first taught me something that helped me tremendously.

He taught me how to say “no” graciously.

“No” was hardly in my vocabulary. Covey showed me to thank a friend for the invitation. Acknowledge it’s merits, or worthiness. Then say that you decided to do such and such instead. The key is that you know your plan and tell your friend why  you  chose what you did.

With a  little  practice, this became huge for me! Whether I was being asked  to an activity I didn’t wish to do, or asked to make a donation that was not on my priority list, it really empowered me!

Life is short.

These skills will enable you to make your life more, and more
meaningful to you. Give it a try. Have fun with it!

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Here’s to your success!

Geoff Pratt

Life Mastery Consultant
Phone 250-658-8630

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