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Silent Killer of Success

Are you envious of friend’s and family’s success if it seems beyond yours?

Do you find yourself repeating mistakes, rather than learning from them?

Do you let negative people and influences affect you? Are you aware that you do?

The silent killer of your success is your susceptibility to negative influences.

The key is to learn to create a state of mind that insulates you from negative

These ideas are those of famous author Napoleon Hill, and I believe they have great value for you.

Hill goes on to say you need 3 things:

1) know you have a choice
2) have a vision of what you want
3) have a plan to get there

And I would add to that take action on your plan.

Remember that you and I have absolute control over one thing…our thoughts.

Decide not to take on other people’s negative thoughts. A very good book on this is "What other people think of me is none of my business" by Terry Cole- Whittaker.

When confronted by a negative influence or person, switch your mind to your desire.

You’ll need to develop
a) some discipline or will
b) a habit of doing this

Hill says there is no in between, you control your mind or you don’t, and without
this ability, success will elude you.

So take responsibility ( it’s your life…the only one you’ll have ).

What are your excuses and alibis? Examine them. Discard them. They are just stories you tell yourself anyway.

You can rewrite your story!

If you would like to begin to rewrite your story… Click here

Here’s to your success!

Geoff Pratt

Life Mastery Consultant
Phone 250-658-8630

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