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Look For The Good

At some point in our life we experience the Dark Night of the Soul. We lose a job, contract a serious illness, or lose a close family member suddenly.
None of us are exempt. That is life.

I cannot help but notice how some of us are crushed by these events. Yet some of us show tremendous resiliency. Even under very similar circumstances.

When dark things happen you have a choice.
a) You can be a victim, and be crushed.
b) You can look for the possible good in the situation. As bad as it seems.

Some even use it as fuel to motivate and propel themselves forward, and upward.

I believe the quality of our lives is directly related to the quality of questions we ask.
So when tragedy happens, ask yourself,  “What possible good might come from this situation?”  Stay in the question, and listen for answers.

If you look for the good, the ray of sunlight in the darkness, you will always find some.

Sometimes the good will not be evident right away, but if you remain open to it, you will become aware at a later time.

What this becomes is a way of thinking, and a way of being, that can help you live on a different plane of experience.

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Here’s to your success!

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