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If persistence is key to success…what can I do to develop it?

What did Winston Churchill and Napoleon Hill have in common?

They both believed in the power of persistence.

If you are one who (like I was), would postpone, or even abandon implementing an idea, at the first sign of adversity, and think “Maybe this isn’t for me.”

Know you can develop persistence.

Hill says there a few important ways to build your persistence muscle:

1) Have a definite purpose.
2) Back it with a strong desire.
3) Develop a plan to serve your purpose.
4) Take action on your plan.
5) Block out all negative people and comments.
6) Build a support system around you

In the words of Sir Winston Churchill,

“Never give in, never give in, never, never, never, never…”

I believe he means  NEVER!

If you are thinking “well that’s easier said than done” and would like
some guidance in building your support system, around growing your
persistence… Click Here… to personal coaching programs

Here’s to your success!

Geoff Pratt

Life Mastery Consultant
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