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I am a Recovering Perfectionist

For many years I thought being a perfectionist was a good thing.

No longer do I believe that to be true.

When I was younger, and afraid of making mistakes, I expected to do things to
perfection. Even if it was my first time doing it!

I wouldn’t want to try something unless I could do it very well, right off the top.
So limiting was my thinking.

Now, I realize that the price of perfection is prohibitive. With perfection in mind,
It cost me in stomach lining, and heart tissue.

As I am not a machine, perfection is not realistic. Not achievable.

Many of us confuse excellence with perfection, and use them interchangeably.

They are not the same.

For me excellence is my personal best, a worthy goal at anytime.

Now, I am content with doing my best, and leaving the rest.

Yes, learning from the experience, maybe doing it differently next time,
but not letting it negatively affect how I feel about myself, or how I talk to myself.
Both will diminish self esteem and confidence.

Interestingly too, it’s much easier and more fun to try new things, and enjoy new
experiences more often.

Without crazy expectations.

If you are a perfectionist, and would like to learn how to step away from that
self imposed pressure… Click Here… for a free 30 min. consultation.

Here’s to your success!

Geoff Pratt

Life Mastery Consultant
Phone 250-704-8630

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