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Are Your Motives Pure?

Do you ever ask yourself that? Question your motives?

Recently, I was witness to “adults” (in chronological age only) behave with intent
of doing damage to a 17 year old boy. The boy is a guest in our country. Their arrow hit it’s mark. The boy was devastated.

After my initial shock, I wondered to myself, what would possess these men to do such a thing?

What came to me was that I could not be responsible for someone else’s behavior.

Only my own. So the best thing to do was to let it go.

And since I am a work in progress, that is a challenge for me.

A Course in Miracles says that every act is either an act of love, or a call for love, no matter how unskillful it may be delivered.

I choose to see this as a call for love. It helps me feel compassion, rather than anger.

The heartwarming part of this story for me, is that those folks who I am associated with, all in their own words, have chosen to take the high road, and do all they can to make the best of this situation. And keep a laser focus on moving confidently in the direction of their dream, of offering the best possible experience for those boys in our programs. Rather than getting pulled into being distracted by damaging behavior.

I thought, it really does matter who you choose to surround yourself with. And with whom you spend your precious time!

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Here’s to your success!

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