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Are you willing to suspend your disbelief?

Most of us live life based on our present circumstances and conditions. We tend
to see our future based on what our life is like now. In other words, we only see what we know.

It doesn’t have to be that way! Our past and present does not have to determine our future.

You and I have our habitual thinking, our habits of belief, that keep us from exploring future possibilities. Children have wonderful imaginations. As adults our imagination tends to become dulled down. Ironically, it is what has worked for you in the past, those behaviours and attitudes, may be the very things that limit you! WHY?

We are used to them, comfortable with them. We don’t question them.

Price Pritchett says “your real limits are far beyond your artificial mental boundaries.”

If we could learn to identify, examine and challenge our beliefs, we’d open up to our true possibility.

What do we do to change our results?

Well, we begin by suspending our disbelief. And asking “What would I love?”

Get a clear picture of that. Do everything in your power to develop a calm confidence, a faith, and an expectation in your idea. Act as if it is a sure thing.

Ask “What would I do if I didn’t believe it was impossible?” And go and do it.
Make every effort to keep fear and doubt from crashing the party.

Price Pritchett is very insightful when he says “If you must doubt something, doubt your limits.”

I believe we all have a dream in our heart. What is yours? Better health, a loving partner to share life, a career that is stimulating,  and meaningful, or freedom to experience a full life.

Henry David Thoreau says “If one advances confidently in the direction of their dream endeavoring to live  the life they are imagining, one passes”… (these invisible boundaries we set up for ourselves in our minds eye.)

For many years I had all the outward signs of success, a great family, a wonderful job, and awesome friends. Yet inside I was not confident. I relied far too much on other people’s opinions, and their approval, in my life. And it undermined my calm confidence. I didn’t feel happy, I didn’t feel energized.

I wasn’t living my dream. My life was a composite of those around me.

This is no longer the case. As a result it has made an incredible difference in the quality of my life! I am living my life according to what I love! With little regard to what others think of me. Life is fun and easy, and I love it!

If you wish to learn more about calm confidence CLICK HERE

Here’s to your success!

Geoff Pratt

Life Mastery Consultant
Phone 250-658-8630

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