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If persistence is key to success…what can I do to develop it?

What did Winston Churchill and Napoleon Hill have in common?

They both believed in the power of persistence.

If you are one who (like I was), would postpone, or even abandon implementing an idea, at the first sign of adversity, and think “Maybe this isn’t for me.”

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What Successful Entrepreneurs Must Give Up

We are entering a time where entrepreneurs are going to become a more and more integral part of the business world.


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The Power of Mastermind

A valued mentor to me once said “All of us are smarter than any of us.”

As a young Doc, he urged me to consider gathering a Board of Advisors to help me Build and administer my brand new dental practice.

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We are creatures of habit.

Habits are a huge part of our lives. We tend to drive the same route to work every day. Eat lunch at the same deli. Watch the same TV shows. Or simply wasting time, is a habit for some. Habits are powerful!

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