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Have Faith In Yourself

Having faith in yourself is a key factor in being successful (and happy) no matter what you are doing in life.

Sounds simple… but it’s not.

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Look For The Good

At some point in our life we experience the Dark Night of the Soul. We lose a job, contract a serious illness, or lose a close family member suddenly.
None of us are exempt. That is life.

I cannot help but notice how some of us are crushed by these events. Yet some of us show tremendous resiliency. Even under very similar circumstances.

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Making Your Ideas Come Alive

I read that on average we get 10 good ideas per day!

Also, I came across a description saying ideas are like slippery fish, if you don’t gaffe them on the end of a pen, they can swim away, never to be seen again.

Great idea!

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Your Creative Imagination: Is it sleeping?

I was shocked when my mentor said to me, “Get out of your competitive mind and into your creative mind.”

I thought, “what”! I’ve been in competitive sport my whole life!

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Are Your Motives Pure?

Do you ever ask yourself that? Question your motives?

Recently, I was witness to “adults” (in chronological age only) behave with intent of doing damage to a 17 year old boy. The boy is a guest in our country. Their arrow hit it’s mark. The boy was devastated.

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What Keeps You Up At Night?

Fear, doubt and worry, at the very least rob you of energy. And for some of us, can paralyze us into indecision and inaction.

In my experience, if you let it, fear takes on a larger and larger look as time goes on.

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I am a Recovering Perfectionist

For many years I thought being a perfectionist was a good thing.

No longer do I believe that to be true.

When I was younger, and afraid of making mistakes, I expected to do things to
perfection. Even if it was my first time doing it!

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If persistence is key to success…what can I do to develop it?

What did Winston Churchill and Napoleon Hill have in common?

They both believed in the power of persistence.

If you are one who (like I was), would postpone, or even abandon implementing an idea, at the first sign of adversity, and think “Maybe this isn’t for me.”

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What Successful Entrepreneurs Must Give Up

We are entering a time where entrepreneurs are going to become a more and more integral part of the business world.


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Talk Is Cheap

You know that people are always willing to give you their opinions. Don’t you?

How do you receive them? Do they propel you forward? Or do they hold you back?

If you are like me, for many years they held me back!

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The Power of Mastermind

A valued mentor to me once said “All of us are smarter than any of us.”

As a young Doc, he urged me to consider gathering a Board of Advisors to help me Build and administer my brand new dental practice.

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We are creatures of habit.

Habits are a huge part of our lives. We tend to drive the same route to work every day. Eat lunch at the same deli. Watch the same TV shows. Or simply wasting time, is a habit for some. Habits are powerful!

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Silent Killer of Success

Are you envious of friend’s and family’s success if it seems beyond yours?

Do you find yourself repeating mistakes, rather than learning from them?

Do you let negative people and influences affect you? Are you aware that you do?

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Who do you want to be?

Mahatma Gandhi said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

You have the power to choose.

Even though most of us don’t believe it to be so.

We tend to let the outside world choose for us, and react to those circumstances.

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Enlist your subconscious mind for your benefit

If you are unhappy with your results in life, believe it or not, you can change them
by changing your thinking!

“How do I do that?” you ask. Here’s how.

First you decide that you want to change something important to you. Deciding is different than wishing or hoping.

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What is your 6th Sense?

Napoleon Hill in doing research for his famous book ‘Think and Grow Rich’ said that all the great leaders he studied, developed, and made use of, their 6th Sense. And he reported that developing it involves meditation, self examination and serious thought.

We all have a built in 6th Sense available to us, some of us develop it, and many of us do not.

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What do you do with an idea?

I was given a book by a dear friend recently, and I am so grateful for this gift!

The author, Kobi Yamada entitled his book ‘What Do You Do With An Idea?’

Kobi’s story is about a young boy who has an idea. “What do I do with it?” he thought.

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Quiet Desperation

Henry David Thoreau said “Most men (and women too) live their lives in quiet desperation, and go to their graves with a song still in them.”

Why is that? Why don’t more of us go for it?

Truth is, we live a fraction of our possibility. Some live 90 years, but most live 1 year, 90 times. The status quo is comfortable. We lean towards what we have known. We lean towards what we have thought before, and done before.

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Forgiveness and Your Health

Forgiveness is “the successive repatterning of perceptions for allowing more flow
through the practice of forgiveness.”  Mary Morrissey

My Dad owned a small electrical firm in Montreal. They made clocks, fire alarms
and nurse calls for hospitals and the business was killing him. Often they would bid on contracts with the best equipment and even the lowest price, and they wouldn’t get the get the job.

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Not happy with results in your life?

In his book You Squared, Price Pritchett says, “Focus on the ends rather than the means.”

What does he mean by that?

He goes on to say, “You don’t have to know how you’re going to get there, but you need to know where you want to go.”

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